Building Better Business is a mission-driven advisory and implementation firm: Experienced. Pragmatic. Results focused.

Our global expert network enables management teams to improve performance in 4 critical areas: Customer. Cost. Carbon. Circularity.

Cost & Carbon Reduction

Intensity reduction along the value chain


  • Product & value chain cost reduction
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Savings delivery management


Sustainable Management

Resilient. Intelligent. Sustainable. Executable.


  • Business model upgrade
  • Operating model upgrade
  • Capability model upgrade

Closing the Loop

Implementing circular economy solutions


  • Multi-stakeholder project management
  • Overcoming the implementation gap
  • Increasing material circulation

Who works with us


Executives & Change Makers

We support executives and systemic change makers who want to build future proof businesses and capabilities, both in the private and public sector.

We help you to fulfill your mission-critical priorities: building sustainable businesses that deliver economic, societal and environmental value.

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Senior Management Teams

We work with senior management teams that are tasked to make the business plan with less resources, while being flexible in times of volatility and uncertainty.

Our expertise spans innovation, product development, end-to-end value chains and building sustainable business operating systems.

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Transformation Teams

We enable business- and digital transformation teams that need to build new capabilities quickly. We complement your teams in delivering complex and challenging transformation projects.

We are focused on delivering results, not reports.

Thought Leadership

Our reference book that provides a comprehensive concept to embed sustainability in the core business


Michael D'heur is author of 'Sustainable Value Chain Management', a reference book providing thought leadership and practical case studies.

The management concept of 'Sustainable Value Creation' delivers sustainability from the core business: sustainability can provide a platform for growth when implemented in a company’s products, services and supply chains, also known as the 'Value Chain'.

The book includes practical examples of sustainable value chains in leading companies such as Beiersdorf, SAP, Klenk und Hoursch, VAUDE, Infineon Technologies, Independent Capital Management, BASF, Nanogate, the Federal German Council for Sustainable Development, Henkel, Symrise, shared.value.chain, Siemens, Fairphone and Thin Air Factory.

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Case Studies

Clients & Cooperation Partners