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We are passionate about positive impact!

sust.biz is a mission-driven advisory firm and global expert network. We help to accelerate the transition to a waste-free, carbon-neutral, and circular economy.

Michael D’heur is founder and Managing Director of sust.biz. He supports multi-national and mid-sized companies across various industries to build more sustainable products and operate global supply chains. Michael has more than 20 years of management consulting experience. Having worked for leading firms like PWC’s PRTM Management Consultants, i2 Technologies and Bearingpoint, Michael delivered projects across 12 industries, 8 countries and 3 continents.
Michael D'heur is a thought leader on global value chain trends and renowned speaker at supply chain conferences. He is also editor and author of ‘Sustainable Value Chain Management' (SpringerGabler, 2013).
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Our Team

Michael D’heur

Expert for Strategy, Product Development, Supply Chain, Sustainability, Digitalisation

Andreas Rülke

Expert for Operations Strategy, Innovation, Product Development, Product Portfolio Management and R&D Productivity Programs

Bettina Gebhardt

Expert for Corporate Communications, Reputational Campaigns, PR Strategies and Multi-Market Communication

Dr. Thomas Osburg

Expert for Social Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Communications and Entrepreneurship
Climate neutral company 2020
We act carbon neutral.

What does that mean? We calculate all our emissions as a company annually and compensate for them by buying reforestation certificates.
Learn more about the climate projects we are currently supporting both in Germany and in Indonesia: CO2OL CliMates