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From our clients' perspective: Insights and measurable results in transformative change

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Sustainable Cost Reduction for a Vehicle Technology Producer

INDUSTRY: Automotive ANNUAL REVENUE: 600M € "We needed to establish a scalable business operating system, while reducing cost."- COO Strategy Deployment Hoshin Kanri established 3.5M € savings potential identified 95 cost saving ideas developed The Big Idea Sustainable operational performance improvement, to grow above market...
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Design-to-Value for a Capital Equipment Producer

INDUSTRY: Industrial Products / Mining ANNUAL REVENUE: 600M € "We wanted to combine value-centric design with cost reduction.- Division President Design-to-Value established in product development Customer journeys mapped to design to value proof points 100+ Cost Ideas identified to improve efficiency The Big Idea As...
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Operational Profit Improvement for a Multi-national Food Processing Business

INDUSTRY FoodANNUAL REVENUE 140M € "We needed to right-size and re-focuse the business, to stay relevant in the market"- Managing Director € 1.2M Operating profit improvement realised Right-sizing of the infrastructure Bi-weekly follow-up to drive implementation The Big Idea Due to historical overcapacity and stronger...
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Scaling the Business in a VUCA World

INDUSTRY Consumer ElectronicsANNUAL REVENUE 600M € "We needed to scale and adapt the business faster, while managing increased volatility"- COO Strategy Deployment through Hoshin Kanri Operational Excellence as Platform for Problem Solving Accelerated pace and scalability The Big Idea As a young company and technology...
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Using Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning to Increase Profitability

INDUSTRY Consumer ProductsANNUAL REVENUE 130M € "To support the business turnaround, we needed Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning to drive growth and cost reductions". -CEO 30 % Inventory reduction in 6 months Rebuilt the supply chain team SIOP as central process to support growth The...
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Global Player in Electrical Appliances Delivers Cross-functional Savings

INDUSTRY Electronics (Electrical Appliances)ANNUAL REVENUE 2.1B € "To support competitiveness, we needed to identify and deliver cost savings in a fast way"-CPO 400+ saving ideas created 42M € cost saving opportunites identified PMO position supported The Big Idea Fast cost savings to boost profitability: Increased...
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Enabling End-to-End Fabless Semiconductor Supply Chain Planning

INDUSTRY ElectronicsANNUAL REVENUE 600M € "To support a change our our business model, we needed advanced planning capabilities." -CEO End-to-End advanced planning system Agile delivery method Visibility across the supply network The Big Idea Support the growth ambitions with an advanced planning system: A global...
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Mastering a Cost Challenge with Cross-functional Teams

INDUSTRY ElectronicsANNUAL REVENUE 2.3B € "To deliver against the cost challenge from the new CEO, we needed a new approach to identify and deliver cost savings"-COO Coaching of cross-functinal teams worldwide Performance management PMO project management The Big Idea The COO of a global player...
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Sustainable Cost Reduction as Growth Accelerator

INDUSTRY Electronics ANNUAL REVENUE 650B € "To support growth and profitability, we needed to deliver more cost savings"-CPO 350+ cost saving ideas created 20 M € cost saving potential identified PMO created to drive implementation The Big Idea As part of the growth strategy of...
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Delivering Results to a Significant Cost Challenge

INDUSTRY ElectronicsANNUAL REVENUE 9B € "Our competitors forced us into a cut-throat cost competition. We needed to reduce cost big time and fast"-CPO 350+ cost saving ideas 100M+ € cost savings identified PMO created to drive implementation The Big Idea Fast and massive cost reduction,...