Design-to-Value for a Capital Equipment Producer

INDUSTRY: Industrial Products / Mining


“We wanted to combine value-centric design with cost reduction.

– Division President


established in product development

Customer journeys

mapped to design to value proof points

100+ Cost Ideas

identified to improve efficiency

The Big Idea

As competitors were able to capture business at lower product price for the customer, a mining equipment producer wanted to improve the value proposition of new products, while improving profitability at the same time.

Blueprint and Roadmap

We used the Design-to-Value methodology to synchronise customer needs, new product design options and operations efficiency from the outset. A number of critical capabilities were identified to be added to the ways of working, in order to deliver a more valuable and cost-efficient product.

Creating Impact

  • Unmet customer needs were identified
  • Stoiker value-proof points for the product have been agreed
  • Value-driven design trade-offs were made in the product feature set
  • Downstream operational cost reductions were identified
  • Product features that enable a circular economy product-service-system have been identified and prioritized (eg. ‘electrification of the mine’)

The Advantage

  • Best value proposition, based on many years of expertise.
  • Ability to structure AND solve complex cross-functional topics with teams.
  • Focused and practical advice, that empowers internal teams to get the job done.

Through the application of the DTV methodology we were able to discuss the balance between cost and value for customers.”

Design-to-Value Project Leader

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