Global Player in Electrical Appliances Delivers Cross-functional Savings

INDUSTRY Electronics (Electrical Appliances)


“To support competitiveness, we needed to identify and deliver cost savings in a fast way”



saving ideas created

42M €

cost saving opportunites identified


position supported

The Big Idea

Fast cost savings to boost profitability: Increased market pressure and fast profitability shrinkage forced the Board of an electrical appliance and lighting fixtures company to drive fast measures in order to improve results.

Blueprint and Roadmap

We applied our proven SCORE methodology across different business units to identify cost savings with cross-functional teams. The cross-functional workshops with six different business units were delivered in Europe and Asia.

Creating Impact

  • Several hundreds of ideas developed
  • 112 measures evaluated in more detail
  • 42M € cost savings potential identified
  • A PMO was created to follow-up with implementation

The Advantage

  • We have demonstrated value-add in the past with the client, using the SCORE methodology
  • Our ability to bring together cross-functional teams
  • Our ability to create realistic and concrete savings measures
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