Scaling the Business in a VUCA World

INDUSTRY Consumer Electronics


“We needed to scale and adapt the business faster, while managing increased volatility


Strategy Deployment

through Hoshin Kanri

Operational Excellence

as Platform for Problem Solving

Accelerated pace

and scalability

The Big Idea

As a young company and technology leader in its field, the company had experienced double-digit growth for the last 15 years. Every year it became more difficult to scale the operational structures, due to the lack of end-to-end value chain design, leading to missed customer expectations, inefficient execution and teams being busy with firefighting.

Blueprint and Roadmap

Embed an operational excellence model in the Operations part of the business in order to connect strategy with execution. The vision is to create a self-sustaining system and philosophy of performance improvement. The overall blueprint (“Business Operating System”) and the Initiative roadmap are the key reference points to balance priorities with available team capacity.

Creating Impact

  • Joint root cause analysis, requirement analysis and cross-functional teamwork to address performance issues
  • Clearly defined identification of the target impact on performance

The Advantage

  • Electronics & Semiconductor industry knowledge
  • We have demonstrated value-add in the past with the client, when an advanced planning system was implemented
  • Provide ‘a mirror’ to the client, to reflect about improvements required and progress already made
  • Ability to bring together cross-functional teams. Realistic and concrete action plans

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