Scaling Impact of International Aid in the Textile Industry

INDUSTRY Public sector


“We wanted to increase the impact our programs and gain new brands to support us”

– Head of Business Programs


of strengths and weaknesses of the current offering

Impact-focused dialogue

with multiple stakeholders

Higher impact services

summarized in a new service catalogue

The Big Idea

Increase impact of International Aid programs in the Textile Industry: A governmental organization is looking for ways to make their International Aid programs in the textile industry more effective and the results more lasting. Usually aid programs get support during the project duration, but quickly falter if there is no further incentive for brands, manufacturers, government and civil society to continue the work.

Blueprint and Roadmap

We reviewed the service catalog for the Asia and Africa regions. Several interviews with brands, local experts and manufacturers were conducted to identify the required additional value-add. Subsequently we developed an updated service catalog with the client team, to help staff to articulate and deliver a higher value proposition.

Creating Impact

  • Comprehensive service catalog with upgraded value proposition
  • Transparency to stakeholders about offerings and benefits

The Advantage

  • Our ability to combine private and public sector knowledge
  • Our Textile industry expertise
  • Our knowledge of brands and manufacturing
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