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Target & Baseline Analysis

Defining both ambition level and starting point is essential to achieve the expectations.

Target & Baseline Analysis

THE CHALLENGE: Your current problem is not well defined. The issue can’t be solved with the existing team capacities and competences.

OUR SOLUTION: A proven and structured approach to problem definition, opportunity identification and expectation management. Our status-quo-analysis contains professional benchmarking as well as performance assessment.

YOUR BENEFIT: Clarity of goals, gaps and required target level to achieve the big idea.

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Sustainable Business Strategy

Enabling your business to deliver economic, societal and environmental value.

Sustainable Business Strategy

THE CHALLENGE: Translating strategy into results often fails in companies, large and small. Lacking a clear and understandable vision on how the company wants to create value in the future is one aspect, engaging the organization. Are you facing missed targets, expectations and low performance?

OUR SOLUTION: Defining how the company can be future proof, through a value creation strategy that contributes to economic, societal and environmental value. Implementing circular product design and sustainable value chains.

YOUR BENEFIT: Strategy deployment and execution that works. Sustainably.

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Sustainable Cost Reduction

We lead cross-functional client teams to conduct both short-term and long-term EBIT improvement.

Sustainable Cost Reduction

THE CHALLENGE: The transition to a circular economy requires to reduce inefficiencies, move excess cost and closing material loops. In products and supply chains alike.


OUR SOLUTION: Our highly effective Sustainable Cost Reduction approach helps companies to deliver more value with less resources. We achieve cost down and waste reduction at the same time.


YOUR BENEFIT: We enable future-proof business by accompanying the transition process through cross-functional teams within your company.

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Business Operating System Design

Connecting the dots to enable sustainable performance.

Business Operating System Design


Interactions, people, processes, systems and data within your company need to be designed in a coherent way. Waste, inefficiency and the lack of adaptability need to be abolished.


Through Operating Model System design, we define a new business management structure that aligns product development, operations and continuous Improvement.

YOUR BENEFIT: A clear roadmap of your business capabilities, maturity and where to improve.

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Performance Management

Efficiency enhancement through Program Management Office.

Performance Management

THE CHALLENGE: When focusing on functional performance indicators only, companies will fail to manage performance in an integrated way. Thus, you risk to initiate course corrections too late and to miss opportunities.

OUR SOLUTION: We execute an integrated management strategy and improve programs and KPI achievement. We close the gaps on performance, creating transparency by a clear planning and implementation tracking mechanism.

YOUR BENEFIT: Transparency on performance creates early chances for course corrections.

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Agile Transformation

Getting things done: Future-ready transformation. Now.

Agile Transformation

THE CHALLENGE: We are facing an accelerating transformation in economy in which customer needs change quickly. Implementing strategies fails and time to result is too long.

OUR SOLUTION: We provide an agile framework fit for your specific business that delivers results early and incrementally. We enable agile sprints by capacity and capability building within your organization. Our proven 'Lean and Agile Delivery' method is a critical enabler to create positive impact, fast and reliably.

YOUR BENEFIT: Enabling your multi-functional teams to acquire new skills. Get agile to deliver complex projects!