Circularity in action

Thank you to MUD Jeans International BV and their partners, to demonstrate how successful circular business models work. We need more companies to move from ‘idea to impact’ on circularity.

MUD Jeans is the world’s first circular denim brand. Since the creation of the brand in 2012, MUD Jeans used zero toxic chemicals and saved 70% CO2 and 92% water compared to industry standard.

However, MUD Jeans’ circularity success story story is only possible through partners in the supply chain that share your vision and goals:

Partnership is central in circularity. At the same time, it has created a great sense of solidarity. During the hard times of COVID-19 there was great strength in the circular business model. On one side this is due to the production approach of trans-seasonal collections, no massive stock ordering, no sales. However, simultaneously it was enforced by the solid partnership with the suppliers.

Our learning from MUD Jeans:

Circularity brought trust, stability, and innovation at a time where there was great uncertainty worldwide.

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