An Exceptional Future-Proof Operating System

In a multi-crises business environment, it is tough to manage the business, while delivering against ambitious economic, social and environmental targets. Resources (People, Materials, Money) become more constrained, while the rate of change is increasing.

Maintaining a future-proof business in difficult times, requires to close gaps towards sustainable management practices. Sustainable management itself requires a business operating system (Business model + Operating model + Capability model). The business operating system is the bedrock of any business. It’s what keeps the company running smoothly and effectively.

7 steps to improve your Business Operating System

Here are 7 steps to improve your business operating system in difficult circumstances:

1. Understand the structures that allow you to steer the business and that create value. Think of it like an operating system of a computer. Are you running on an outdated system, with performance issues and a lack of responsiveness? If yes, then assess the gaps in key areas of your business operating system: Business model innovation, strategy execution, governance/steering, value chain set, and cross-functional teamwork. Determine what needs to be upgraded.

2. Be clear which capabilities your business requires. A future-proof business operating system needs to be resilient, intelligent, sustainable and execution-ready. We call them RISE capabilities.

3. Resilient: Find ways to improve your resilience and versatility. In times of transformation, companies must be willing to modify their practices to stay afloat. Be open-minded towards new approaches or ways of working. Build a step-by-step, very practical and manageable approach, so that people can implement it while managing the challenges in the daily business.

4. Intelligent: Understand the opportunities from digitalisation, automation and making it easier for humans to deliver great products and services.

5. Sustainable: Integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices into the core of your business operating system. Not at the edges. Not as a Marketing or Compliance by-product. Be real.

6. Execution-ready: We often hear complaints about not having enough people or funds, when Management Teams are tasked to deliver against ambitious goals. Instead seek opportunities to build stronger teams and maintain clear objectives. Manage priorities & team capacity to deliver against important goals of the business. Decisiveness too has its place. When faced with hard choices, act quickly without dwelling upon them; have faith in yourself and choose whatever feels right instinctively.

7. Emphatic leadership: Businesses inevitably experience highs & lows. However, retaining a positive mindset and demonstrating emphatic leadership helps sustain oneself better through hardships.

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