Mastering the Crisis: Empower resilience with End-to-End Planning

Navigating Constant Crises: The Critical Role of Resilient End-to-End Planning

Is your business already resilient, when the world outside repeatedly plunges into crisis?

In these turbulent times, many companies struggle to be resilient and they tackle difficulties with extra work, task forces and hero culture. A pivotal tool for being able to navigate these stormy waters is End-to-End (E2E) Planning.

E2E Planning includes:

  • Long-term planning (Budget, Capacity, and Investment Planning) •
  • Mid-term planning (Sales & Operations Planning) •
  • Short-term planning and execution (Operational Planning / Sales & Operations Execution)

Effectively implementing E2E Planning in a volatile world requires a smart combination of people, processes, and technology.


  • Empower teams and build supportive capabilities.
  • Utilize E2E planning to foster behavioral changes, particularly in inter-company and external relationships.


  • Ensure that everyone understands the significance of E2E planning and its contribution to business success.
  • Keep processes practical and goal-oriented.


  • Transition from large-scale IT systems to smaller, more purposeful solutions.

Failing to enhance E2E planning capabilities now could jeopardize your company’s viability. Acting promptly is imperative to avoid the repercussions of inaction.

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