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5 Grundlagen für erfolgreiches ESG Management

Der ESG Hype und die ernüchternde Realität Dass die Themen Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG), Dekarbonisierung und Nachhaltigkeit an Aufmerksamkeit…

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Set yourself up for successful cost & carbon reduction

Our post pandemic world has left us in a new state of multiple crises. We started to…

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Using SCRUM to deliver transformation projects

Many companies struggle with adaptation in volatile business environments. While quite a few companies have picked up…

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How to remove complexity before it slows down your business

Senior management teams are constantly tasked to make the business faster and more efficient.

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Circularity in action

MUD Jeans and their partners show us how successful circular business models work.

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Re-thinking progress

I’d like to invite you to take three minutes today for an eye-opening animated video essay published…

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Process Harmonisation: The value of simplicity

Summary Staying competitive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, requires companies to be…

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Cost avoidance is better than cost reduction

According to Arno Hiller, an authority in Product Cost Management: Controlling costs is a challenge for manufacturing…

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The World Is Only 9% Circular. We Need To Act.

According to the 2021 Circularity Gap Report, the world is now only 8.6% circular. Since the first…

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Do you have a future-proof Operating Model?

Summary Climate change, digitalization and the effects of a linear ‘take make waste’ economy are changing the…

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Using Design-to-Value To Build Better Products

SUMMARY Design-to-Value (DTV) is a fact-based and cross-functional approach to optimise product cost and value at the…

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Mit dieser Strategie werden große Unternehmen grün

Mit dieser Strategie werden große Unternehmen grün Gutes Vorbild? Henkel hat seine Nachhaltigkeitsziele in eine Matrix gepackt…

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Weg vom anonymen Weltmarkt

Weg vom anonymen Weltmarkt – Beim lokalen Lieferanten kaufen Symrise macht mit Vanille Milliardenumsätze. Statt die Zutaten…

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