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Circular Economy Visual

The importance of the circular economy for our future

Embracing the Circular Economy for Long-Term Success. Innovate responsibly and reshape business practices for a sustainable future.

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resilience tree on Rocks

Mastering the Crisis: Empower resilience with End-to-End Planning

Unlock Resilience: Mastering End-to-End Planning for Turbulent Times. Empower your business to navigate crises with confidence.

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Pioneering innovation for deep decarbonization

Sustainable solutions for deep decarbonization: Explore three prominent innovations driving environmental responsibility and economic success.

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Operating System Visual

An Exceptional Future-Proof Operating System

Unlock Sustainable Success: 7 Steps to strengthen your Business Operating System for challenging times. Enhance Resilience, Intelligence, and Sustainability.

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Empower Sustainability by Your Choices

Sustainability by Numbers: Hannah Ritchie’s TED Talk envisions a future where human well-being thrives alongside environmental stewardship.

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Structural flexibility: The attractive path to success

Structural flexibility is essential to become a resilient business.‌ For sustainable success in an ever-changing business world.

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Urgent time for a change: Stop talking, start doing!

Decarbonisation, Resilient Business, Critical Raw Materials: Time to Move Beyond Talk

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5 Grundlagen für erfolgreiches ESG Management

Der ESG Hype und die ernüchternde Realität Dass die Themen Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG), Dekarbonisierung und Nachhaltigkeit an Aufmerksamkeit…

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Set yourself up for successful cost & carbon reduction

Our post pandemic world has left us in a new state of multiple crises. We started to…

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Using SCRUM to deliver transformation projects

Many companies struggle with adaptation in volatile business environments. While quite a few companies have picked up…

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How to remove complexity before it slows down your business

Senior management teams are constantly tasked to make the business faster and more efficient.

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Circularity in action

MUD Jeans and their partners show us how successful circular business models work.

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Re-thinking progress

I’d like to invite you to take three minutes today for an eye-opening animated video essay published…

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